IT Outsourcing – Application Development

Software Refresh Project delivered to a Managed IT Services Firm

Client Requirements

The client needed to replace a legacy VB6 based back-end system as well as custom built reporting and SQL 2000 database server which reached end of life.

Our role

  • Consultancy on the various options open to the client
  • Replace the VB6 based middle tier with a compatible .net web services built on Windows Communication Foundation
  • Rebuild Data Access Layer, upgrade MS SQL Server from 2000 to 2012
  • Rebuild all reports in SQL Reporting Services 2012
  • Modify the client applications to make use of the new back end functionality
  • Once the solution was accepted by the client Arvo Software managed the implementation and delivered a ready to install solution


  • Within 8 months all 3 phases of the project went live with no interruption neither to 1000+ client employees nor call centre or online users
  • The performance of the new database, midtier and reporting servers has improved
  • New architecture was put in place which enabled reduction of the number of physical servers by 50%
  • New reporting allowed access to new functionality like exporting reports to Word, Excel or PDF or emailing user-friendly notifications and quick access to pre-generated reports

Client feedback

We outsourced the R&D and implementation stages of the project to Arvo Software as the in house engineering team was already running flat delivering promises given earlier on and would not have meet the deadlines requested by the client. Arvo Software pulled together a great team of engineers covering few different technologies and completed all required upgrades as expected.